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Performance Art, Cabaret and Burlesque Night

Showroom 3 Presents:


A live art and performance event transgressing notions of cabaret, variety, burlesque, drag.

Taking place at the Geisha Lounge, Hockley, Nottingham.

Doors 7.30, performances 8pm to midnight; trans-cabaret club 12am-2am.

Monday 2nd July.

Audiences are encouraged to dress to impress in vintage, burlesque or drag.


With featured performance artists Annette Foster, Tom Marshman, Benjamin Mitchell, Katherine Nolan, Rachel Parry, Jiva Parthipan, Lazlo Pearlman and
Sam Rose.

Alongside special guests the Deville Dolls British Burlesque Troupe and DJ Lord Ivor Hardshafte Gramophonic/ Jukebox Master who will be playing the finest tunes from the 1920’s-1950’s.

Curated by artists Annette Foster and Sam Rose, Showroom has developed as a bi-annual live art event, creating opportunities for artists to showcase new or existing works.

Every two years, Annette and Sam will also perform as part of the event, asking the artists involved to respond to a particular theme or concern within their own work, creating an exchange of dialogue and a space for common concerns and issues.

Sited in alternative sites and spaces, Showroom aims to attract new audiences to live art and performance, and this year crosses into the arena of popular culture, fashion and entertainment with special local guests The Deville Dolls Burlesque Troop, DJ Lord Ivor Hardshafte Gramophonic/ Jukebox Master, and featuring corsetry and lingerie designed by Eternal Spirits.

With an aim to create professional development opportunities for artists on all levels, Showroom offers a mentorship for an emerging artist, as well as internships, and workshops and discussion for selected artists to share works in progress.

This year Trans-cabaret is based upon the theme of transgression, asking the questions:

How can live art transgress traditional notions of cabaret, variety and burlesque?,

How can live artists and performers transgress notions of gender, the body, and audience / performer boundaries?

How can live artists and performers use alternative sites to transgress traditional spaces for performance?

Please take a look at the myspace page for more information :)
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